Ensatina eschscholtzi croceater

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To the north, on the north side of Kern River, croceater intergrades with platensis and are found in the Greenhorn Mountains. In the intergrades, the blotching appears more like spots as seen in croceater, except that they are yellow-orange in color rather than bright yellow to yellow-green. On the south side of the Kern River, some individuals of the subspecies croceater have a very slight hint of orange coloration.

To the east, there is a region in the San Gabriel Mountains that aeems to lack the blotched forms and is referred to as "Bob's Gap." Based on a few reliable sightings of the blotched form there, Stebbins and Wake both think there may be some small relictual populations of blotched Ensatina in the San Gabriel Mountains. Further to the east near the San Gorgonio Mountains, there are some small populations of blotched Ensatina that appear to be intergrades between croceater and klauberi.